About Us

The Hull University Business School Society (HUBSS) was founded in 2018 and has grown quickly to become one of the biggest societies at the University of Hull. We have grown our membership (paid and non-paid) to over 150 members within the first year. We hope to increase our membership and become the biggest and most successful running society at the University of Hull in the foreseeable future. 

Our Aims

Professional Development

To ensure our members receive support when needed. We want to be seen as that extra ‘added layer’ of support where our members can turn to each other for help. University can be stressful but we want to ensure that our member's wellbeing is always maintained and encourage them to turn to us if anything proves to be quite tricky! We hope we can help and if not, we will try to guide our members to someone whom we hope can.

Strong Sense of Community

To ensure our members develop workplace skills by providing them with bespoke careers advice, expertise and industry experience which will benefit them in their careers going forward. This also means being the forefront in helping their professional development by providing skills sessions and academic workshops throughout the year.


To ensure our members feel a strong sense of community across all stages of their university lives whether it’d be the first year to their last year. We want to make sure all our members can bond, enjoy and enrich their time being part of their society. We believe this can be done by sharing knowledge, creating opportunities and networking amongst each other.

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